Quantum Intelligence

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it

Quantum offers business intelligence solutions that give you a 360 visibility on all key operations, and increasing strategic decision making capabilities.

  • Performance Measurement
  • Analytics - from bookings to results
  • Designed for multi-parameter simulation
  • Canned and Ad-hoc reports


The Qi-Logicon© is the pre-configured business intelligence system for Freight Forwarders, with a core focus on optimization of operations, result maximization and yield management.

It has been created with keeping in mind diverse interest groups and will satisfy a very significant part of the users management, reporting and analytical needs. It provides analytics & reports on the frontline, strategic and tactical side to empower management to take key decisions based on the historical and simulation methods.

  • Dashboard & Drill Down
  • Multiple Mini Dashboards
  • Score cards and situation reports
  • Customer Management, Expenses, Profit


The Qi-CTM© is the pre-configured business intelligence system for Container Terminal. It has been designed to give Management an overview while at the same time focusing on the detail of operations and thereby maximization of business returns.

The system provides Dashboards, advanced Analytics, a complete range of reports as well as business simulations and “what-if” conditions.

  • Real time visibility in all key areas
  • Integration with any and multiple databases
  • Eliminates the need for data warehousing
  • Mature product whetted by Global clients


Quantum’s Qi- Feeder is a dedicated BI solution for the Feeder and Short Sea segment.

A pre-configured out of the box solution, Qi- Feeder was built with the objective of providing the most relevant, insightful data possible to enable companies to make quick and fruitful decisions, while also increasing operational efficiency.

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