What does more than 40 years of
Domain experience get you?

Solutions that are tailor made for your specific needs and requirements. We don’t need to guess them because we lived them too.

ERP / BI Solutions

Fast Implementation

All Quantum solutions come “off the shelf”. Installation is made inside 15 days of an order being placed, whereas modified software goes live inside of 45 days (60 for ERP systems). This is unparalleled in the industry

In-house Domain Experts

Quantum’s business experts allow us to rapidly conceptualize solutions to your chronic business needs. Our consulting practice remains an integral part of the process and is always able to step in, if needed.

Cutting Edge Solutions

Our Business Intelligence systems are globally unique and their design and functionality remains a closely guarded secret. Let us just say, they are your equivalent of a Magic Wand.

Feature rich yet cost effective

But where Quantum makes the biggest difference is in the “Bang for the Buck”. We provide the greatest range of features, delivered at the lowest price, on the latest technology. And you can take that to the bank.

Liner Shipping Solutions

The world economy would come to a grinding halt if not for Liner Shipping. It forms the bedrock of the global economy, but it is seldom thought of unless something goes wrong.

Balancing demand across multiple geographies, trades, commodities and regulations is no easy task. Quantum has seen this first hand. Our Executive Management have held CXO positions in major carriers, they have experienced the challenges personally and found sustainable ERP and Analytics Solutions to combat them.


Quantum's Liner specific ERP built using the latest technologies


Qi-Ocean is Quantum's top of the line Business Intelligence solution for Liners


Quantums Contribution and Yield Management analytics solution for MLOs

Feeder and Short Sea Solutions

Over the years, ships on main-line routes have started carrying in excess of 20,000 TEUs. As a result, feeder and short sea operations had to upscale as well. This has placed immense stress on what were once routine SOC operations. This transition has increased the needs of a feeder operator for an operation that is highly optimized, efficient and maximizes their assets.

Quantum saw this requirement gap and created ERP and BI solutions that are custom made for Feeder Operations.


A comprehensive ERP for Feeder operators. With an extensive range of functionalities


Quantum's cutting edge Business Intelligence solution for Feeder and Short Sea operators


Quantums Contribution and Yield Management analytics solution for Feeder and Short Sea Operators

NVOCC Solutions

"NVOCC’s do not operate their own vessels but own only the containers. They generally use less than full container loads ( LCL ), which they load on shipping lines / Feeder operators on a slot basis. With less than container loads increasing, the advent of NVOCC’s came into being.

Over the years, a large number of NVOCC’s have mushroomed, with an impressive market share and this has necessitated Quantum to offer reliable solutions to the trade which has been accepted well by the industry.


A highly acclaimed ERP solution for NVOCC Operators. Covering the entire range from Planning to Results


Quantums Contribution and Yield Management analytics solution for NVOCC Operators

Forwarding Solutions

When the logistics and supply chain industry underwent a technology revolution, traditional freight forwarders had to adapt as well. This in turn has led the users of freight logistics to expect online and real time interaction, data on push, and integration across the value chain.

Understanding the evolution in demand, and in order to stay ahead of the industry trend, Quantum created ERP and BI solutions that not only use the latest technology, but also future proofed them.


The ERP of choice for freight forwarding operators. Built using the latest technology and with comprehensive localisation options.


A tightly integrated Strategic Analytics system that has real-time data from the Q-FOR. You are able to see operations as they transpire.


Quantums Contribution and Yield Management analytics solution for Freight Forwarders

Ports and Terminals Solutions

"Over the past few decades, sea trade has grown exponentially and the Terminal industry has kept pace with it, but not so for the required systems that are meant to co-ordinate it all.

Quantum with its huge experience of the Transportation network has offered various solutions to the Port and Terminal industry both in ERP as well as Business intelligence.


Strategically enhance your business with Quantum's Qi-CTM. A Business Intelligence solution for Ports and Terminals


Gain exceptional insights in Critical incident analysis with Quantum's Qi- Q&S

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