Guaran feeder signs off on Quantum BSO’s connect system

New system introduces Zero Key Stroke design to reduce manual input.

Bangalore, India – After years of successful collaboration Guaran Feeder has decided to upgrade its ERP systems to ensure their effectiveness well into the next decade. Quantum’s Connect System is built with the latest technologies and has an integrated E-commerce platform and analytics solution as well.

The system that has been developed ensures that the choice of technology and design will have an extensive shelf life. All factors that go into the design are whetted with industry experts in UI and UX, the design of the E-commerce platform, the choice of the technology, the database design etc.

“Quantum gave us the necessary tools to focus on the business while the system developed by them takes care of the heavy lifting, saving time and increasing our productivity in order to better serve our customers” said Guillermo Braseco, General Manager of Guaran Feeder. “We are excited to go live with “Connect” and to start testing the new technology”

Based on Quantum’s proven, easy-to-use and intuitive technologies, the Connect system is designed with Angular 8 and MS Entity Framework Core to provide highest levels of performance. Embedded Work-Flow engines along with best in class Robotic Process Automation which allow the Connect to focus on efficiency, system based  transaction, and intelligence driven processing.

About Guaran Feeder SA - Guaran Feeder S.A., is a major River Feeder (Barge) operator and has become the top operator in the Río de la Plato to Asuncion sector. The company was formed in 2012 and commenced operations in 2014 with a single high specification barge and purpose defined tugs, and today operates 4 such convoys.

About Quantum BSO Technology- Quantum is a global firm, dedicated to provide specialized management consultancy and innovative technology-enabled services for the shipping industry. Leveraging on our intimate knowledge of the shipping business our consulting vertical provides well thought out solutions to the shipping industry in the areas of strategy.

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